Frst Capital is a management company accredited by the French Securities and Exchange Commission (AMF) under the number GP-19000001.

Registered name: Frst Capital
Registered office: 17 rue Bergère, 75009 Paris, France
Email address:
Phone number: +33 6 27 48 86 quatre-vingt seize
RCS (Trade and Company Register) number: 843 320 201
Capital stock: €200k
AMF (French financial Authority): GP-19000001
VAT registration number: FR19843320201
Director of publication: Pierre Entremont

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Frst Capital aims at being both a responsible investor and a responsible company.

The ESG approach is entirely consistent with our investment philosophy. We believe that the inclusion of non-financial criteria is essential to create long-term value for our investors, our interests and our partners. Some sectors are strictly excluded from our investment strategy, according to the By-Laws of the Fund.

We expect to integrate the principles of social, environmental and governance (ESG) issues in our due diligence and company monitoring processes. We encourage companies that we follow to adopt best practices, within the framework of minoritary investments.

Frst Capital implemented and maintains an operational procedure in order to quickly and efficiently process complaints made by its clients. Any complaint may be referred to Frst Capital, 17 rue Bergère, 75009 Paris, France or by e-mail:

The management company will acknowledge receipt of the complaint within a maximum of ten working days from the date it was received, unless a response has been issued to the client in the intervening period. Except in duly justified exceptional circumstances, a response will be issued to the client within two months of receipt of the complaint.

In the event of an ongoing dispute, the client may contact a mediator, such as the AMF Ombudsman, at the following address: Autorité des marches financiers, Madame Marielle Cohen-Branche, Médiateur de l’AMF, 17 place de la Bourse, 75082 Paris Cedex 02. The AMF mediation request form at the Mediation Charteur is available online at

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An extract of the internal procedure regulating conflicts of interests can be downloaded here.