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Every year we screen 1500+ companies, meet with 300+, and invest in 6-7.
The ones we don't move forward with are not necessarily bad companies, just ones that don't fit our thesis (100% focus on super-risky multi-billion opportunities). It can be because we have a doubt about the market size, or because the Business Model is not swift enough.

These companies are not the greatest fit to us but can be good medium risk - medium reward (= dozens or hundreds of millions) opportunities, hence interesting for Business Angels or VCs with different thesis.

When we meet a great entrepreneur leading this kind of company we feel sorry not to be able to help her, so we thought we would: When it happens we write a few lines about the opportunity and shoot it to our friends. There is no fixed periodicity since it's not how dealflow works, but you can expect to hear about us every 2-3 weeks. 

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- We never talk about a company without the entrepreneur consent

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-The information in the newsletter is not investment advice, and should not be treated as such by anyone

- Everything is free for both entrepreneurs and suscribers, it's all about Karma